Monday, December 14, 2015

Project Writeup and Documentation

10/05/15 Went to Target for materials for stands.
10/19/15 Went to Dollar Tree to acquire items for use in stands.
10/26/15 Went to Good Will to acquire even more parts for use in stands.
10/28/15 Wall-Mart Stands Materials
11/16/15 Went to shooting range to acquire casings for Drive By Shooting Stand
12/03/15 Walmart for finishing touches on Stands.
Unmarked Dates: More Material shopping for Stands w/ Cash
Middle of November: Began making test stands. After critique made efforts to simplify anything we could.
11/27/15 Began arranging stands in response to the Critique saying we needed to simplify them.

11/29/15 Went out and collected rubble for the Temple stand, as well as burning the shoes for representing the victims of the bombing.
12/5/15 Got various versions of documents off the web (Birth and death Certificates)
12/6/2015 to 12/7/15 Stayed up night to ensure we have the stands looking as close to perfect as we could get them.
12/7/15 After my first class of that day, managed to unload all my stands and get them set up in the room with Jasmine. Everyone seems really fascinated by the gems, and I am glad everything finally seemed to fall into place.

I was a major obstacle for my partner for this project, while I do well improvising this project required careful planning which I proved inept at. As I procrastinated too long on my work, stress was high as my partner wanted to ensure perfection. Even with my depression, I accept full responsibility for any failures within the presentation of the project. My negligence lead to the original mausoleum concept falling through, as well as not taking steps to secure a more proper gallery space for our project when our original idea proved to be impossible given the time frame.  

 Pictured left, finished stands with the minimalist mindset.

 Rumble for our bombing

 Painting of the Time Capsule
The Making of a Miniture Temple
A completed Gem Jar

 Finally, the Day of the Show

Artist Lecture Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen is a curator as well as an artist, who was worked on many pieces like Infinite City (with Rebecca Solnit), Here Be Dragons, Magic Story table, All the People on Google Earth and many more. I love how his work examines our society in terms of how we determine value. Be it from what buildings dominate the skyline, to politics and media. His interests are revealed through the artwork he decides to associate himself with. He shows a lot of careful thought about the work too, as evidenced within his statements on the pieces in question.

One of his works, The View from There, is a fascinating series of drawings where there is a cityscape skyline. What makes this work amazing to me as an artist is that fact there is so much detail in a drawing where you need a magnifying glass to see these details. There are numerous different versions each possessing a unique design relating to the layout of the building drawings. I am also the fan of the fact the buildings are of an Asiatic architecture.

I also am a fan of the fact he is a writer, looking on his website and seeing all the essays he has written on the subjects explored in the various books. He is inspiring to me as an artist and as an educated individual. To see this amount of thought and focus devoted to various fields is fascinating to me, and paints a picture of how passionate he is towards art as a medium.

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Artist Lecture Phil Zimmerman

The first artist talk I went too was Phil Zimmerman, whose focus of art is book arts. His talk was titled “Books as an Experience” where he talks about his career as a book artist. What I found humorous and eyebrow raising was the fact he does not like using the press and will hire people to deal with the technical aspects of using the printing machine. His various works include Nature of Horrors, Reaper, In Nature of, and Celsius 233.

I liked how his works focus on the world at large and the place of books in our world, from taking photographs from around the world to a piece about book burning. He takes time to make his books speak of a larger conversation. One of his more recent works Reaper (2015) really brings this home as it displays fold out pages that reveal an image from the view of an attack UAV aiming at two men as one has fallen and the other figure in the image keeps running. This is a simple yet powerful image that really speaks out against

He has also taken the time to work in supplementary materials as seen with his work Celsius 233, where video of Nazi book burnings is played as you read the associated book.

Phil Zimmerman was the first real book artist that I had the pleasure of seeing speak. His style is very structured and related to a narrative that sprawls out before you like a novel or a well written history book. As someone who has a deep connection with books, it is amazing to see him push books into this new direction, where the book is able to convey ideas with other means outside of words to start a conversation of real world issues.
Reaper (2015)

Celsius 233 Suplimentary Video Link:

Nature Abhors (2003)
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Friday, October 23, 2015

What has been happening with Art 451

So the first week of class I was to get everything organized. Turns out that I got the case of terrible student disease. And did not get anything done promptly on time.

As we were supposed to get working on our projects I was researching and reading various film techniques that I would attempt to use. After a week first showing of my idea of animating life. Mixing live and animated action on the screen.

After being put back on square one with little to no progress, I was approached to work with another classmate on her project. I refused if only due to pride and the belief that my whimsical nature would not be of any help on a more seriously themed project.

After another week of no progress, it was the half way point in the semester. Wracking my brains, I still could not find a project that felt like it had enough meaning to be worth working on during the semester. I was approached again and I decided that swallowing my pride towards working on another's project had to be done or else I would fail the class.

With my partner sick, I started working on the project, throwing ideas as well as going out with her to procure materials. Right now after a good showing of our concept we are working on how our work should be displayed as well as how our work will be built and made real.