Friday, October 23, 2015

What has been happening with Art 451

So the first week of class I was to get everything organized. Turns out that I got the case of terrible student disease. And did not get anything done promptly on time.

As we were supposed to get working on our projects I was researching and reading various film techniques that I would attempt to use. After a week first showing of my idea of animating life. Mixing live and animated action on the screen.

After being put back on square one with little to no progress, I was approached to work with another classmate on her project. I refused if only due to pride and the belief that my whimsical nature would not be of any help on a more seriously themed project.

After another week of no progress, it was the half way point in the semester. Wracking my brains, I still could not find a project that felt like it had enough meaning to be worth working on during the semester. I was approached again and I decided that swallowing my pride towards working on another's project had to be done or else I would fail the class.

With my partner sick, I started working on the project, throwing ideas as well as going out with her to procure materials. Right now after a good showing of our concept we are working on how our work should be displayed as well as how our work will be built and made real.