Monday, December 14, 2015

Project Writeup and Documentation

10/05/15 Went to Target for materials for stands.
10/19/15 Went to Dollar Tree to acquire items for use in stands.
10/26/15 Went to Good Will to acquire even more parts for use in stands.
10/28/15 Wall-Mart Stands Materials
11/16/15 Went to shooting range to acquire casings for Drive By Shooting Stand
12/03/15 Walmart for finishing touches on Stands.
Unmarked Dates: More Material shopping for Stands w/ Cash
Middle of November: Began making test stands. After critique made efforts to simplify anything we could.
11/27/15 Began arranging stands in response to the Critique saying we needed to simplify them.

11/29/15 Went out and collected rubble for the Temple stand, as well as burning the shoes for representing the victims of the bombing.
12/5/15 Got various versions of documents off the web (Birth and death Certificates)
12/6/2015 to 12/7/15 Stayed up night to ensure we have the stands looking as close to perfect as we could get them.
12/7/15 After my first class of that day, managed to unload all my stands and get them set up in the room with Jasmine. Everyone seems really fascinated by the gems, and I am glad everything finally seemed to fall into place.

I was a major obstacle for my partner for this project, while I do well improvising this project required careful planning which I proved inept at. As I procrastinated too long on my work, stress was high as my partner wanted to ensure perfection. Even with my depression, I accept full responsibility for any failures within the presentation of the project. My negligence lead to the original mausoleum concept falling through, as well as not taking steps to secure a more proper gallery space for our project when our original idea proved to be impossible given the time frame.  

 Pictured left, finished stands with the minimalist mindset.

 Rumble for our bombing

 Painting of the Time Capsule
The Making of a Miniture Temple
A completed Gem Jar

 Finally, the Day of the Show

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