Monday, December 14, 2015

Artist Lecture Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen is a curator as well as an artist, who was worked on many pieces like Infinite City (with Rebecca Solnit), Here Be Dragons, Magic Story table, All the People on Google Earth and many more. I love how his work examines our society in terms of how we determine value. Be it from what buildings dominate the skyline, to politics and media. His interests are revealed through the artwork he decides to associate himself with. He shows a lot of careful thought about the work too, as evidenced within his statements on the pieces in question.

One of his works, The View from There, is a fascinating series of drawings where there is a cityscape skyline. What makes this work amazing to me as an artist is that fact there is so much detail in a drawing where you need a magnifying glass to see these details. There are numerous different versions each possessing a unique design relating to the layout of the building drawings. I am also the fan of the fact the buildings are of an Asiatic architecture.

I also am a fan of the fact he is a writer, looking on his website and seeing all the essays he has written on the subjects explored in the various books. He is inspiring to me as an artist and as an educated individual. To see this amount of thought and focus devoted to various fields is fascinating to me, and paints a picture of how passionate he is towards art as a medium.

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